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An American gangster who was a driving force behind the development of Las Vegas, Ben “Bugsy” Siegel was not fond of his nickname and was never called that to his face. It was said to cause him to become enraged, murderously so. During his trial for the murder of Harry “Big Greenie” Greenberg (he was acquitted), the newspapers revealed Siegel’s sordid past and started referring to him as “Bugsy”. He hated the nickname, “Bugsy” (said to be based on the slang term “bugs”, meaning “crazy”, describing his erratic behavior), and wouldn’t allow anyone to call him that to his face.

Charlotte with a pinfall attempt early off a lock up. Charlotte pushes Natalya and does a strut. Natalya goes for a Sharpshooter early, but Charlotte counters out and slaps her. Natalya with a stomp to cut off a roll up attempt by Charlotte. Natalya works over the left leg of Charlotte. Charlotte goes after the ankle of Natalya. Natalya chop blocks Charlotte as she limps back to her feet near the ropes. Natalya plants Charlotte with a clothesline. Charlotte breaks up a Sharpshooter attempt. Charlotte with a backslide pinfall for a two count. Charlotte with chops to Natalya. Natalya cuts off Charlotte on the corner. Natalya with a sitdown powerbomb on Charlotte off the corner for a two count. Charlotte cuts off Natalya with a big boot. On the outside, Natalya drives the kneecap of Charlotte into the steel ring steps. Charlotte tosses Natalya head first into the corner back inside. Charlotte with a moonsault to Natalya on the outside. Charlotte clutches her left knee. Natalya grabs a steel chair at ringside and cracks it against the bad knee of Charlotte.

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Dillinger* Dilinger - Duppy BoastyDillinger* Dilinger - Duppy BoastyDillinger* Dilinger - Duppy BoastyDillinger* Dilinger - Duppy Boasty