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In 1997 the quartet recorded "Varldens Väsen" ("Whirled" in North America). Tours of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, the United States and Canada followed, as did a Swedish Grammy and two appearances on the national radio program "A Prairie Home Companion" in the . In 1999 the band released their sixth CD, "Gront." 1999 was also the year of the first Nordic Roots Festival in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ., an annual event which lasted ten years, of which Väsen was the most frequent featured artist. Their 2000 performance was released on CD as “Live at the Nordic Roots Festival.”

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Mikael Rickfors - Mikael RickforsMikael Rickfors - Mikael RickforsMikael Rickfors - Mikael RickforsMikael Rickfors - Mikael Rickfors